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ten_at_a_time's Journal

Writing Workshop
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**please note the membership to this community is limited to ten persons at any one time.

This community was created for those who are working on writing with the aim of publication. There are guidelines meant to ensure that members are truly committed to their art and the evolution of their writing. There are many many writing communities already in existence from the "let us rate you" type to the "online workshop" type. One of the problems I encountered was that in most of these communities, the membership was so huge that there were often dormant members or those in it just for kicks. If you are looking for feedback on one piece of writing, this is not the place for you. If you are looking to post, suck up attention and then ignore others, this is not the place for you. If you are willing to post a piece of writing for review at least once a week and comment on others frequently, this is the place for you. I would like for this community to mirror, as closely as possible, an actual fully functioning workshop. In order for community goals to be met, certain standards are in place. Because the community is designed to be mutually beneficial and not to be a tutorial for fledgling writers, the membership will be limited.


The first rule of ten_at_a_time is you don't talk about ten_at_a_time
Posts often contain sensitive material. Information gathered here should not be shared elsewhere without the persmission of the author.

  • Please post a piece of writing as often as humanly possible. Within reason. Keep submission to no more than two original pieces a day. No less than one per week. You can post a poem, piece of freewriting, paragraph or a whole chapter. The point is to get it posted and keep working and revising. No "new" entry should look or feel totally polished. Generating material is one key goal.

  • Please respond to each posted entry by another member unless you have done so elsewhere in another community.

  • comments are meant to be helpful and not to boost egos. Please be prepared to give and receive clear, concise and constructive criticism. It is simply good etiquette to explore what you like about a piece as well as your suggestions for possible improvement. I suggest using the poetry critique generator to offer comments-- it's quick & easy= http://coyotecult.com/tools/critique.pl

  • Some content may be of a sensitive nature. Each member will respect the privacy of the poster and refrain from making personal judgments based on the content of any post.

  • Please post initially without the use of "lj cutting" -- each post should appear as it would in print. AFTER the piece has been read or critiqued, we would ask that users then go and edit the piece to LJ-CUT after the first paragraph, in order to reduce clutter.

  • You should post both "new" and "revised" drafts.

  • Please lock all entries as "Friends Only"

  • Please contact me with further questions. As a community, I expect the rules, format and so on to evolve over time. Any suggestions are entirely welcome.